einscan pro color

Shining3d Einscan Pro with Texture 3d scanners are used for graphics/texture capture

david/hp sl 3d scanner

SLS2/SLS3 from David/HP primarily used small and medium objects and EDU use

einscan pro+ 3d scanner

Shining3d hand-held 3d scanners used with 3 mode namely SL, Laser and Free-form (3 in 1 scanner).

Contact 3d digitizing

Microscribe3d systems can selectively digitize the points/curves into CAD software

freeform 3d scanning

Our free-form 3D scanners used in human/character 3d scan and animation

creaform 3d laser

Hand-held 3D scanners used in portable/on-site upto 0.05-0.1 mm

rangevision sl scanner

RV 3D SL Scanners are used for general 3d scanning of medium and large objects

blue light sl 3d scanning

Steinbichler (now Zeiss) L3D 5M systems can 3d scan details upto 15 microns

infrastructure of 3d scanners at our facility