The Artec™ MH/MHT 3D Scanner can be used as a hand held device, allowing the user to scan outside or those items that should not be transported.

Entire shape acquisition
The Artec™ MH/MHT 3D Scanner is a 3D video camera
that captures video, each single frame of which is a
three-dimensional image. The scanning process becomes
extremely straightforward; simply walk around the
object continuously capturing it with the camera from
various angles, while the accompanying software automatically
combines all the scanned frames into a single
No markers required
There is no need to place countless markers all over the
object to scan it. The software uses unique geometry of
the object itself to properly align the captured 3D frames
and to fuse them together.
High speed and accuracy
Thanks to an outstanding measuring speed of up to
500,000 points per second, the Artec™ MH/MHT 3D Scanner
performs measurement acquisition a dozen times
faster than laser scanners, while providing high resolution
(up to 0.5 mm) and high accuracy (up to 0.1 mm).
Scanning of moving objects
Since the Artec™ MH/MHT 3D Scanner is in fact a 3D
camera, it can be used to scan dynamic object as well as
stationary ones. This can be especially useful in medical
applications and movie production where it is vital to
capture a human body shape live.