Our Short-Run Production Applications

  • Plastics parts for beta sampling or testing
  • Aluminium Tools/Dies for 200 or 500 samples in plastics
  • Aluminium/brass/copper/bronze products for low volume production using rapid casting methods
  • Functional Polyurethane parts for regular production (batch less than 500)
  • Rapid Injection Moulding of silicone parts using Rapid Tooling
  • Subtractive Prototyping of parts in Plastics or Aluminium for NPD applications
  • Scaled down models/Souvenir Production for presentation functions or distribution for branding

Short-Run Production / Small Batch Production

Using our in-house infrastructure and our associate companies , we undertake to supply parts in the volume from a single piece to 100s using rapid design, development and production techniques.

We make the rapid tooling technique wherein we can deliver the plastics or metal samples or actual products within a short period of time.  These parts are generally ABS, PU, PC, Nylon, Silicone, etc in plastics and Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Bronze, etc in the light metal.

Should you have any specific requirements w.r.t. other plastics or metal, please contact with your needs.