Organic Shape Modeling/Free Form Modeling

Organic shape design or Free Form Modeling is always a challenge to obtain the geometry through conventional CAD tools.  General practice is that the sculptors do make the physical mock-up and thereafter it is 3d scanned and modeled in CAD.  

Especially when natural forms of human model, animals, birds, plants, etc has to be modeled in 3D it takes enormous efforts in time and costs to reproduce the same.  Our team is well experienced to convert such organic shapes into CAD and work on the same to bring to real world.  We have state-of-the-art facilities to realise such possibilities from concepts, rendering, model, 3d printing, manufacturing of the same using different materials such as plastics, metals, granites, etc.

Idols of high quality 

We have been blessed to work on some of greatest gurus projects using our in-house and consultant team to reproduce the precise and adorable details to perfect level.

Especially working on such involves emotional connect and understanding of the customer's in-depth requirements in full.  

We have also the facility and network partners  to transform the same into small volume production.

We can product in various plastics, metals, ceramics, stone, wood and other available materials (should you have any specific requirement, please discuss)