MX Systems offer metrology level accuracy, an easy-to-use articulated arm design and seamless integration with most popular reverse engineering and metrology applications.

Flexible articulated arm technology

Metrology-level accuracy

Portable and easy to use

Third party software compatible

Reliable, proven MicroScribe technology

Portable CMM/Digitizer System (afforable)

MicroScribe® G series is an accurate, affordable 3D digitizing system. A favorite of animators, engineers and designers, MicroScribe products capture the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translate them into complete 3D models.

The award-winning MicroScribe features Immersion's mechanical tracking technology and a unique, attractive mechanical arm that's compact and easy to use. Constructed from the highest quality components like precise aluminum housings, lightweight graphite links and state-of-the-art electronics, MicroScribe provides years of trouble-free digitizing..

MicroScribe G

Microscribe 3D Digitizing systems are ideal for those industries where you need to point/line based data acquisition.  Some times, using laser/white light 3d scanners offer "too-much" that are not necessary for 'quick output'.

Also, the affordable price and ease-of-use such system are much visible in industries such shoe sole/last making, animation/CG industries, etc.

Especially, Educational institutions can teach students on latest trends in metrology and reverse engineering effectively using the software and hardware combined.  It is useful where the students can visualize and understand the process of 3d acquisition of single point or multiple points by virtue of technology used by these systems.

MicroScribe is a portable CMM that combines the functionality of high-end CMMs with affordability in mind. While traditional CMMs can be big and expensive, Microscribe is an cost-effective measurement tool used for reverse engineering projects, inspection of manufactured parts, and scientific measurements worldwide.

MicroScribe integrates seamlessly with many graphics, industrial design, modeling, measurement and inspection software packages. More software applications are interfaced to MicroScribe than any other digitizer in the industry.